- Quality -

For our socks we use a high quality combed cotton and some of the best fabrics. Our suppliers provide us with a strong, softer combed cotton that makes our socks last longer, keeping them and you happy. A reinforced toe and heel further prevents your Happy Socks from breaking. Our Turkish factories use a tough AQL* test to validate our Happy Socks production. Two rigorous tests are performed: one during production and one before shipping. These tests help to ensure the highest possible quality. We have also implemented a process called Silicon Washing. In short this “sock-talk” really means that our Happy Socks will feel better on your feet and won’t shrink when you wash them.

We produce our tights in Italy, a country renowned for its high standard in quality fashion. Our goal is to provide you with the best and happiest socks around. We are very confident in our collections only using the best materials, awesome designs, and a meticulous attention to detail. We are constantly evaluating, maintaining and developing the production process! Although your Happy Socks won’t last forever, try and remember to always wash your socks and tights inside out to extend their lifetime!

* (AQL) the worst case quality level, expressed as a percentage of defects in a population, that is still considered acceptable.

Happy Socks Manufacturing

Our socks are manufactured in Turkey at a family-owned factory that have been in the business for more than 30 years. Our tights are manufactured in Italy, where production is renowned for its high quality. Some specific items and collaborations are also produced across the world in various locations. The factories maintain respectful working environments in accordance with International Labour Laws and Standards, and we visit frequently to see our friends and check up on the production of our Happy Socks.

We work with both BSCI and ISO 9001