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With great excitement we want to present you our new collection: FALL/WINTER 14. This collection of socks features an almost endless variety of models and designs, crossing a wide spectrum of colour combinations, materials and textures. Simply put: there’s a pair of high-quality socks and underwear for every occasion, mindset and style. 

ARGYLE     Classic Stylish Lively

Patterned socks add character to any outfit. These argyle socks are full of color with shades of blue, yellow, pink, green, orange and black, making them fun and lively. Give feet a hug with argyle socks made from the best combed cotton, where only the strongest fibers are found. With sizes for women and men, anyone can wear a pair.

BIG DOTS     Playful Vivid Strong

Big dots equate to big style when it comes to socks. Combining spots of various colors with a dark blue base leads to fashionable socks that can be worn with an assortment of outfits. Providing a warm, close fit that women and men will appreciate, these combed cotton socks are available in a range of sizes.

DISRUPTED STRIPES     Sharp Dynamic Vivid

Add some surprise to any wardrobe with dynamic, disrupted stripe socks. These patterned socks have orange and white bands that are intermingled with dark blue zigzags for a unique design to spruce up an outfit. The highest-quality combed cotton ensures that men and women alike will find unbeatable comfort.

DIVIDED DOTS     Graphic Stylish Detailed

Craft a new look with divided dot socks in black and white. Speckled with spots of different sizes, these classic-colored socks are anything but ordinary and feature matching designs in reverse order on each foot. Made from the finest combed cotton, men and women alike will find the right size to complete any outfit.

DOTS     Fun Discrete Graphic

Dark blue socks with orange spots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe. These colorful dot socks can be paired flawlessly with a variety of outfits for work or leisure. Woven with the strongest combed cotton, get ready to experience the snuggest, most comfortable socks available for men and women.

FADED DIAMOND     Graphic Timeless Detailed

Black and dark green socks have never looked so enticing. Boasting colorful shapes in purple, maroon, pink, white beige and light green, these faded diamond socks offer timeless style. Crafted from the finest combed cotton, feet will be snug and warm in the comforts of these homey, unisex socks.

FIVE COLOR     Colorful Graphic Dynamic

Adorn every part of the foot with a different color. Five color socks cover toes in dark blue, arches in yellow, heels in orange, ankles in purple and dark gray bands encircle the bottom of the leg. Fun and cheerful, unisex five color socks are made from high-quality combed cotton and are the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

FILLED OPTIC     Graphic Fitted Fun

These fun, vibrant socks are soft, comfortable and snug, giving feet a little hug every time they’re worn. Made with high-quality combed cotton, these red, white and blue filled optic socks boast bright geometric patterns for a playful look and feel. Colorful socks add character to any outfit and are perfect for creating a personalized wardrobe for men and women.

HALF STRIPE     Fun Expressive Stylish

Half-stripe socks are perfect for expressing creativity and style. Keep itsimple by revealing only the solid-color dark-blue on the top of the foot, or hike up pant legs to show the slender white stripes encircling the legs. The finest combed cotton means they’ll be the softest, coziest unisex socks around.

OPTIC     Graphic Discrete Fun

The geometric designs on these optic socks cover feet in a winding andsymmetric red pattern from the ankles up and around the lower legs. The dark blue, unisex socks are made of combed cotton, which provides comfort and a well-fitting structure. Match these fun, colorful socks with an assortment of different outfits to create the right look.

PAISLEY     Traditional Fun Chic

The blue and orange paisley design mark these socks in orderly style to produce a vibrant, fun pair that men and women will love. That they are designed with the finest combed cotton ensures high quality and superior comfort. Wear these stripe socks with any outfit for statement that exudes confidence and precision.

RANDOM COTTON     Graphic Visual Playful

These random cotton socks offer a charming, visual design for women and men to enjoy. Woven with the finest combed cotton, these black socks are speckled with vibrant colors that make them seem even more fun. Confident and snug, match them with a variety of outfits to create the best styles.

STRIPE     Fun Expressive Stylish

These dark blue and white socks can be worn under any outfit to complete the most stylish new look. Stripe socks are made from finely combed cotton in order to provide a snug, pleasant feel against feet. Available in convenient sizes, these socks are great for men and women.

STRIPES & DOTS     Graphic Lively Vivid

Mixing and matching socks with varying patterns turns an outfit from bland to incredibly appealing. Red and purple with accompanying white dots and black stripes give these socks a unique design for the most creative men and women. Comfy and snug, colorful socks are made from combed cotton to ensure quality.

ESSENTIALS     Matching Mismatching Stylish

Big Dot socks at Happy Socks. These Big Dot socks come in red and blue – a classic must have.

THE ART OF INSPIRATION     Artistic Creativity Expression

This “Stripes & Plants” sock represents a few elements which are essential to Snoop Dogg’s “Art of Inspiration”. A black sock covered in yellow, red and green stripes together with hemp leaves in red, yellow and green.


Get all three “Art of Inspiration” socks pre-packed in a nicely designed box covered in Blue and White Paisley design. The box contains the “Gin & Juice”, “Stripes & Plants” and “Painter” socks. A box with a very versatile mix of socks, socks that represent various era’s in Snoop Dogg’s life and career. You will receive free shipping on this box.


Give a perfectly fun present by offering a gift pack full of colorful socks. From stripes & dots to half stripes or big dots and stripes, this box is full of the best of the best. Crafted from the finest combed cotton, this pack of four is wrapped in a brightly colored box that is sure to bring happiness. Socks are available in sizes 36-40 & 41-46.



2 PACKS     Vivid Free Stylish

Happy Socks offers its colorful design socks in children’s sizes. Using a modified color palette that fits the sophisticated, stylish needs of kids today. Designs reflect the bright, pattern-driven aesthetic of Happy Socks adult line.

BABYTIGHTS     Cute Playful Happy

Happy Socks offers its colorful design socks in children’s sizes. Using a modified color palette that fits the sophisticated, stylish needs of kids today. Designs reflect the bright, pattern-driven aesthetic of Happy Socks adult line.