Viktor Tell – Creative Director of Happy Socks

Viktor worked as a graphic designer and an illustrator for several years before finding his place in the fashion world. Inspired by colourful, playful patterns and designs, he is influenced by the daily everything and nothing when designing the Happy Socks collections. His motto: “All play, no work” accurately shows what the label is all about, turning a simple and overlooked product into a fun, creative, expressive success story.

Mikael Söderlindh – CEO of Happy Socks

Mikael worked in the advertising industry for 10 years before he and long-time friend Viktor Tell started their Happy Socks adventure. After a decade of working in service, Mikael wanted to develop a product on a global market and build his own brand from A to Z; all driven by a clear strategy and business know-how. Integrating the corporate structure with a personal touch, Mikael runs Happy Socks by allowing creativity to evolve and grow without interference.

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